Fine tea is one of Sri Lanka’s proudest resources and we here at Russel’s ensure that local and foreign distribution is consistently in
line with international standards to guarantee premium products of the highest quality. Russel’s unique attributes include being the
only supplier of premium ‘Unblended Tea’ to the local market. All Russel’s tea goes through our thorough Quality Assurance program
which utilizes advanced manufacturing techniques and quality systems, keeping true to our promise of superior product excellence.
Our consistent high standards and dedication in our field have resulted in the accumulation of a large base of extremely satisfied
clientele, the likes of which include multiple large scale conglomerates, hotels and supermarket chains.

Russel’s Best quality PURE CEYLON TEA – BOPF

Russels BOPF offers a full bodied cup of tea with a unique freshness and aroma, originating from the central highlands in Sri Lanka
Russels BOPF with its unique taste has a distinctive character which surpasses most teas in the world and is recognized worldwide as premium quality tea.

Available in 50g, 100g, 200g, and 500g packs

Russel’s Rasa Kahata (Delicious)

Russel’s Rasa Kahata range consists of a delicious blend of quality tea that embodies a rich ‘kahata’ taste, light and yet distinct in its
aroma, differentiating itself from the rest of the blends.

Available in 250g and 500g packs

Russel’s Thada Kahata (Strong)

Russel’s Thada Kahata range consists of a more seasoned leaf, offering a deep, rich ‘kahata’ taste that appeals to the consumer in search of a slightly bitter, stronger flavour with a darker colour.

Available in 25g , 50g , 100g , 200g ,500g