Fine tea is one of Sri Lanka’s proudest resources and we here at Russel’s ensure that local and foreign distribution is consistently in
line with international standards to guarantee premium products of the highest quality. All of our premium range tea is export-quality
and purchased directly from the estate within 7 – 10 days of manufacturing, and goes through our thorough Quality Assurance program
which utilizes advanced manufacturing techniques and quality systems, keeping true to our promise of superior product excellence.
Our consistent high standards and dedication in our field have resulted in the accumulation of a large base of extremely satisfied
clientele, the likes of which include multiple large scale conglomerates, hotels and supermarket chains.

Russel’s Country Teas

Grown around the island’s periphery, these teas are grown up to 600m in elevation from sea level and grow mostly in the southern
regions of Galle and Rathnapura; thereby subjecting the tea plants to longer periods of direct sunlight with dry conditions or fairly
warm-humid atmosphere which result in the tea having a heavy, robust quality, liquor and malt taste and a deeper colour appearance.
Most teas produced by factories in these regions are categorized as leafy-grade tea due to the end product being well twisted tea
leaves which can grow into long particles.

Available in 200g Loose Tea Boxes

Available in 300g Loose Tea Caddies


Tea Bags

Russels's Tea is plucked by hand with two leaves and a bud before the tea leaf is matured to preserve and give you the very best quality Ceylon tea.
Russels's Tea is full bodied with the unique freshness and aroma originating from
the central highlands of Sri Lanka. Ceylon tea, with its unique taste has a
distinctive character which surpasses most teas in the world and has hence earned
its reputation as a high quality tea.

Available in Black Tea Bags 25 nos - 50g,Black Tea Bags 50 nos - 100g,Envelope Black Tea Bags 100 nos - 200g

Green Tea available in 25 nos 50g packs

Russel’s Tea Perfume

These bags are enveloped in foil which gives our quality ingredients the space needed to release their true flavours in to your cup of tea.
Enjoy your favourite Russel’s Tea Perfume – Freshly brewed, rich in goodness, flavor and taste.

Available in Foil Envelope Tea Bags 25 nos - 50g

Available in Pyramid Tea Bags Tin 40 nos - 80g

Rose,Earl Grey,English Breakfast,Lemon,Peach