Russel’s Fashion and Design (Pvt) Limited seeks out to provide a competitive range of high quality men and women’s wear stitched
by experts and sourced from the finest materials in the country. We are proud to state that our products, which stand out in terms of
material quality and fine stitching, are entirely “Made in Sri Lanka”; and it is our policy and virtue to maintain this high standard while
keeping every aspect of manufacturing, within our proud island nation.
Russel’s Fashion and Design (Pvt) Limited looks ahead at the apparel industry with sheer determination, ambition and promise with
the production of our very own fashion label – “St Francis”. Furthermore, we provide a premium manufacturing service, allowing
customers the ability to personalize according to individual requirements. Our products range from promotional and company
t-shirts, chef coats to stewards’ and security uniforms; it’s our recognized quality that keeps our clients just as dedicated to us as we
are to them.
Russel's Private Limited, 820/1, Maradana Road, Punchi Borella, Colombo 10, Srilanka.
Phone: +94112686058/9
Fax: +94112686058
Mobile: 0779384625 | 0777360251